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What We Offer

Professional Development

NUA helps districts provide school leaders and teachers with the opportunity, guidance and voice to identify what practices they need that will help them build on student strengths and engage them in learning essential skills, content and strategies.

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Cultural Relevance

It’s a given that students and teachers do not always come from the same racial or cultural backgrounds. NUA’s focus is on changing teachers’ perceptions and expectations of underachieving students in a way that pays particular attention to the cultural dimensions of these differences.

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Student Voices

Students are among the first to recognize that there is an enormous gap between their performance and potential. That is why we give students a voice in professional development, instruction and classroom management.

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Editor’s Choice

I Can Finish College: The Overcome Any Obstacle and Get Your Degree Guide

Marcia Cantarella’s advice is not only concrete and practical, it covers situations that may overwhelm and derail students as they attempt to navigate the path to graduation.

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