Program Offerings


  • Web-Based Resources:
    • E-newsletter (quarterly)
    • E-blasts (as needed, i.e. not more than twice monthly)
    • Best Practice/Case Studies
    • Targeted Research Resources
  • Arts for Impact School/District Inventory  (embed classroom teacher/arts specialist partnership) – Indicators of Readiness and Success (Summer/Fall 2013)
  • Arts for Impact Teaching Artists Self-Assessment – Indicators of Readiness and Success (Summer/Fall 2013)
  • Convenings* (online and/or in person) including webinars with like-minded colleagues (Calendar Year 2014)

Pilot Programs: Local Pilots in New Jersey and Ohio*
The National Urban Arts for Impact Network is based on three years of working with schools in New Jersey (2010-2013). The Network’s pilot projects in New Jersey will continue during the 2013-2014 School Year, with the possibility of expansion to Ohio.

Expansion to Other Schools and School Districts*
The National Urban Arts for Impact Network anticipates expanding its work with other schools and school districts in calendar year 2014.

Professional Development*
How to Build Capacity for implementing Arts for Impact and The Pedagogy of Confidence:
The National Urban Arts for Impact Network works in partnership with the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education and Dr. Yvette Jackson’s professional development approach based on The Pedagogy of Confidence in developing its curriculum and training for teachers and teaching artists.

  • In-Service Provider
  • Speeches/Remarks
  • Workshops in your community for educators (arts specialists and other educators), administrators, and teaching artists
  • Summer Laboratory Program  (may have scholarships for attendees pending funding)
  • Measuring Student Growth; Assessment of Student Achievement

Teaching Artists:
The National Urban Arts for Impact Network will work with experienced teaching artists who are trained or certified in the Pedagogy of Confidence, and who have a track record of success in working with students to provide curriculum, outcomes and standards-based arts education in urban schools. In addition, The National Urban Arts for Impact Network will also offer professional development opportunities for teaching artists* interested in working in these schools and assist others with offering local professional development for teaching artists within their area.