Formation of a National Network


The Network is a forum for building a national community fostering successful educational outcomes for adolescent students in urban schools through arts learning. As a program of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA), The National Urban Arts for Impact Network will enable those working in urban environments to access Network strategies and to share the details of their own program strategies. The National Urban Arts for Impact Network provides access to peer-to-peer sharing of information and experiences as well as a forum for getting advice, technical assistance, and access to professional development workshops, speakers, and other service offerings.

The Network is:

  • A Forum for Arts Specialists, Educators, Arts Specialists, Teaching Artists, Cultural Organization Arts Education Leaders, and School Administrators
  • Student-Centered – Focused on strategies that actively move urban students to reach the highest levels of creativity, learning and thinking demanded by our ever-changing global community.
  • Focused on Systemic Change – Making a collective impact toward systemic change by Focusing on changes in school culture
  • Supportive of College and Career Readiness – Strategies that enhance the intellectual capacity of urban students, support learning in the Common Core, encourage high school graduation and college preparation, and lead to self-directed learning.
  • A Clearinghouse for Sharing Effective Arts Education Practice for Urban Adolescents
  • A Professional Development Provider based on The Pedagogy of Confidence and Arts for Impact