10 Point Approach

NUA builds on the following 10-point foundation:

1. Advocates For Children
National and local advocacy affirming that all children have the ability and deserve the opportunity to attain the highest levels of achievement.

2. Assesses The Situation
On-site instructional assessment of the schools & district.

3. Provides A Plan
Action plan for accelerating achievement based on the instructional assessment, tailored to each district & school –supported by state standards, neuroscience and social science research.

4. Motivates Teachers
Systemic support for a highly qualified, highly motivated teacher in every classroom.

5. Engages The Community
Engagement with superintendents, central administration and boards of education, principals, teachers, parents, and the community to reinforce & animate belief in the potential of each student, and to provide access to neuroscience, social science and gifted education pedagogies.

6. Eliminates Achievement Gaps
Modeling and coaching to bring successful instructional strategies to classrooms which engage culturally diverse students and that accelerate, enrich & sustain student learning.

7. Uses Proven Products
Focus on strategies & techniques for using proven products and programs to improve student outcomes.

8. Aligns With Standards
Alignment of instruction & assessment with state standards for student achievement.

9. Succeeds With Legislative Initiatives
Practical support for realistic implementation of “No Child Left Behind,” and other national, state and local legislative initiatives with focus on measures of accountability, high content and pedagogy.

10. Builds Local Leadership
Development of community & school leadership to ensure educational excellence for all.